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Institutional Capacity Building

Capacity building is an integral part of development aid and is an instrument for creating good governance and integrity

We Promote Org-wide Integrity

We review structures, tools, techniques and human resources for impactful training and technology transfer. We work to upgrade skills, procedural improvement and organizational strengthening that enhances capacity for operational excellence. 


We focus on technical competence and organizational issues as well as the social and cultural setting of an organization which is often ignored or underestimated.

Wooden Hut

We Promote Good Governance

We work to ensure individuals, organizations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain required capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives taking into consideration the tangibles and non-tangibles.

  • Tangibles are the hard or core capabilities; the creativity, resourcefulness and capacity to learn and adapt.  They are generally amenable in physical terms or indices e.g. technical competence and organizational framework. 

  • The intangibles are the social skills, experience, social cohesion, social capital, social values, motivation, habits, traditions, institutional culture etc.  They are the soft capabilities and determine how well available resources are used, revealing human and social potential. They are usually difficult to quantify e.g. social arrangements


We ensure a mandatory balance of tangible and intangible, the basic requirement for good governance

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