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Building World Class Procurement Skills for Teams & Individuals With Practical & Real-Life Procurement Trainings & Certifications 



Purchasing & Procurement Center Has a Proven Track Record for helping Teams & Individuals around the world Build their Skills &  with our Practical & Real-Life Training & Certification Programs that can Help Anyone to Quickly Learn & Apply that learning in the workplace and get Bottom-Line Results. Results that Get You Noticed by Peers, Suppliers & Higher Management.

When You Need Best-Practice Knowledge, Strategies & Tools That Are Practical, Proven & Flat Out Work, You’ll Find Them Here.  Trusted by 60,000 professionals globally, Purchasing & Procurement Center is the only resource you would ever need to build and train individual & team procurement skills to world class levels. 

Here is a quick look at what Purchasing and Procurement Center (PPC) does:

Covering almost every procurement topic, skill & competence with 100+ modules online training (150+ hours) & 350+ hours of classroom trainings:

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Procurement Strategy

  • Supplier Management
    (Qualification, Selection, Performance, Relationship, Risks)

  • Cost Analysis & Management

  • Contract Management & Administration

  • RFXs & Tenders

  • Legal Aspects in Procurement/Contract Terms

  • Finance Concepts for Procurement

  • Project Management for Procurement

  • Tactical vs World Class Practices

  • Category Management

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Procurement Negotiations

  • Transactional Procurement/P2P Process

  • Leading & Managing in Procurement

  • Advanced Transport Planning and Management

  • Transport project cycle management

  • Transport Policy Planning and Management

  • Travel Planning and Management 

  • Administration and Management of Transport operations

  • Asset Management in Transport operation

  • Monitoring & Evaluation in transport planning & project

  • Fleet Management

  • Advanced Fleet Management

  • Basic Driving Skills and Vehicle Operations

  • Advance Driving Skills and Vehicle Operations

  • Advance Crane Operations


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