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Risk and Strategic Management, Corp [RSM] is a world leader in developing and providing advanced online training solutions for the humanitarian aid and development community. We support hundreds of organizations in developing internal knowledge and capacity, with over 1 million global learning participants. Our deep library of training helps both home office and field-based leaders, as well as staff and support staff to build the knowledge and skills needed to meet duty of care, capacity building, and organizational resiliency and crisis management needs. Our training is directly aligned to the unique needs of the community, reflecting our experience in working on the ground in over 90 low, medium, high and extreme risk countries. Our training offers ILM, HRCI and SHRM certifications and credits, comes in multiple languages, and it can be rebranded, tailored and self-hosted.

Forum Partners
RSM collaborates with humanitarian aid and development community forum groups to better support organizational resiliency, business continuity management, security risk management and duty of care needs. 
If you are a member of the following humanitarian aid and development forum groups you will be eligible for a 5% to 10% discount by typing in the discount code provided below:

GROUP                  and                                                CODE

Centre For AID Information and Knowledge                 C4AIK-RSM-2019

DisasterReady                                               DISASTERREADY-RSM-2019

Humentum                                                                        HUMENTUM-RSM-2018

EISF                                                                                    EISF-RSM-2018


Hostile Environment Awareness Training [HEAT] Programs
In addition to our standard 1, 2 and 3 day HEAT courses, RSM is now offering:

  • 1x Day Re-HEAT course

  • 4x Day Level 6 HEAT course

For more information on dates and pricing please visit our events page. 

  • Level 4 and 5 HEAT: 11-12-13 June 2019

  • Level 4 and 5 HEAT: 13-14-15 August 2019

  • Level 4 and 5 HEAT: 17-18-19 September 2019

  • Re-HEAT: 14 September 2019

  • Level 4 and 5 HEAT: 8-9-10 October 2019

  • Level 6 HEAT: 14-15-16-17 October 2019

  • Re-HEAT: 12 November 2019

  • Level 4 and 5 HEAT: 19-20-21 November 2019

  • Level 4 and 5 HEAT: 3-4-5 December 2019

eLearning Solutions

Below are examples of some of the programs RSM offers the humanitarian aid and development community from over 400 eLearning courses.


  • Crisis Leadership Team Program [ILM, HRCI and SHRM certified]

This 20+ module micro-learning certified leadership program is designed for the executive leadership team as part of pre-crisis management training to upskill leaders within specific functional areas, and to allow for cross-skill training as a team. It can also be used as part of just-in-time training during a crisis.


  • Program Leader Risk Management [ILM, HRCI and SHRM certified]

This 20+ module certified leadership program is designed for program management teams to enable them to plan and conduct programs with resilience in mind; guiding short-term deployments and long-term programs, as well as to better support the leadership team during a crisis response situation.


  • Chief of Party and Country Director Risk Leadership [ILM, HRCI and SHRM certified]

This 44+ module program is designed for Chief of Parties or Country Directors to both support risk and emergency management at the point of delivery, as well as support the broader organizational response to a crisis. This can be used for knowledge and skills development, as well as to meet just-in-time training needs.

  • Family Liaison During a Crisis [ILM, HRCI and SHRM certified]

The 16+ module Family Liaison Officer program is designed to support both family liaison officers or representatives, as well as the members of the Crisis Management Leadership Team, in understanding the complexities of supporting both the family and concurrently the organization during a complex and emotive crisis.


  • Security Management and Focal Point Program [ILM, HRCI and SHRM certified]

This 32+ module program is designed for both security and non-security practitioners to upskill within critical areas of security risk management and emergency response. This program can be used as the basis of a foundational learning program, and to meet just-in-time learning requirements.


  • Local Incident Management Team Facilitated Exercising Program

This 30+ exercise scenario facilitated online leadership exercising program is designed to assist Chief of Parties or Country Directors, their Security Managers or Focal Points, and the wider local management team, in exercising their standards and practices against likely emergency scenarios. This can be used as the basis of scheduled confirmation of emergency management knowledge and skills, or to meet an identified and upcoming threat.


  • Senior Risk Leadership Training Program [ILM, HRCI and SHRM certified]

This 55+ module leadership program provides a deep dive into a wide cross-section of risk, resiliency, business continuity and crisis management topics. The program is designed to upskill professionals within their area of expertise, as well as to enable cross-skill and awareness building as a team.


  • Fraud, Corruption and Ethical Violations Investigations Management [ILM, HRCI and SHRM certified]

This 13+ module program is designed to support professional investigators, as well as those who have no professional training or experience within investigations, to understand how to plan and conduct an internal investigation, as well as how to work with external parties when supporting an investigation.

  • Train the Trainer Program [ILM, HRCI and SHRM certified]

This 7+ module Train the Trainer program is designed to develop instructional and teaching skills within both training professionals, as well as those with little to no experience within instruction. The program includes a full Methods of Instruction (MOI) curriculum, as well as explores the planning and running of exercises and how to train leaders.


  • Safe Driver and Fleet Management Program [HRCI and SHRM]

This 14+ module program has been developed to address risky driving practices within drivers and

Motor bike operators through 10 Safe Driver modules of instruction. The course also includes an

additional security awareness module, Fleet Management module, and a Driver Instructor and Evaluator module.


  • Micro-learning ‘All Staff’ Safety, Security and Cultural Awareness Program

This program includes 40+ micro-learning opportunities lasting from 9-20mins each, and in 10+languages. The program is useful for both international travellers, as well as host nation staff –addressing security, safety, health and cultural awareness topics. Each year [if self-hosted] organizations can select a free language for all available courses.

  • Video Games: Desktop and Virtual Reality

RSM offers a range of desk-top and Virtual Reality [VR] video games to provide a unique learning

experience where immersive training options are limited or impossible. Desk-top games can be

downloaded en masse, and the VR headset games can be deployed as ‘HEAT in a Box’ [plus other



  • Youth Risk Leadership Program [ILM, HRCI and SHRM certified]

The Youth Risk Leadership Program includes 7 modules designed to address organizational resilience, event risk management, emergency response, safety and security briefings, codes of conduct for adults and youth, and guidelines for trip team leaders. A further 8 modules addressing organizational resilience, stakeholder management and crisis communications are included in the program.


  • Event Risk Management [ILM, HRCI and SHRM certified]

This 15+ module leadership program for event organizers looks at the safety and security of attendees, VIPs, speakers and event management teams. The program addresses event risk planning, risk monitoring and management, and emergency management.

  • Personal Safety and Security Training in a Box

RSM runs advanced 3-day safety and security awareness programs for the humanitarian aid and development community, providing advanced immersive training components through our Virtual Reality video-games. Our program has been certified by through the City and Guilds ‘Assured Program’, a mark of international excellence.

The program blends instructor as well as VR to both ‘teach’ and ‘test’. It addresses personal safety and security awareness, criminal and terrorist threats, female safety and security, hibernations, evacuations and relocations, serious disease outbreaks and natural disasters.

Instructor Led Courses

The following are but a few of the RSM online leadership and ‘all staff’ training courses. For instructor led courses please liaise with C4AIK to coordinate workshops.


Please note that a minimum of 15 people are required to run a leadership workshop.

Course Title

Family Liaison during Crisis Events                            2 Days 

Senior Risk and Resiliency Leadership Program       3 Days  

Event Risk Management Course                                2 Days  

Risk Management in Youth Programs                        2 Days  

Train the Trainer Program                                           3 Days  

Crisis Management Leadership Team Program         2 Days  

Program Risk Management Program                         2 Days  

Fraud and Ethical Violation Investigations Management

                                                                                   2 Days  

Fleet Management and Safe Driver Program            4 Days  

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