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Support Operations Management for Interns and Practitioners


The goal of most organisations is to produce goods and/or services. To do this, they have to procure resources, convert them into outputs and distribute them to intended users.

Operations management can therefore make or break an organization.

TRAINING OBJECTIVES ( Basic and Advanced training sessions)

Basic Level 1:

Strategy: Learning and Unlearning by interactive coaching session

The expected learning outcome of Basic level 1 training include;

1. Obtain career guidance and counseling

2. Gain knowledge of donor-funded project standard rules and regulations

3. Attain demonstrable ability for functional excellence through simulation questions

4. Attain demonstrable ability for collaborative excellence through knowledge of other

    units’ basic job requirements and expectations

Course fee: N50,000

Duration: 3 days

Advanced Level 11:

Unlearning and Re-learning by Doing

The expected outcome of level 11 training include;

1. Attain demonstrable ability to interpret donor project strategic objectives

2. Attain demonstrable ability to align organizational strategic objective with operational


3.  Attain demonstrable ability to develop operational manual (policies and procedures)

4.  Attain demonstrable ability to establish and manage a credible operations team

Course fee: N70,000

Duration: 4 days

Who should attend?

The support Operations training provides an introductory, independent exploration of Operations Management within the context of the development sector. It is intended for an audience that includes:

• Project/Operations Managers and team members who are new to operations management

• Project/Operations Managers and team members who are new to the development sector

• Consultants/contract staff operating in the development sector



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