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C4AIK is an Accredited Consultancy Provider of the International Academy for Monitoring and Evaluation and works in association with PMCI Limited to deliver accredited courses in M&E

Established in 2003, PMCI has provided accreditation, consultancy and training services to a wide variety of public and private sector organisations.


PCMI has worked with organisations throughout the world and have established working relationships and partnerships which bring additional benefits to our customers.

In order to be able to provide assistance in the range of functional disciplines demanded by our clients, PCMI has a range of experienced business professionals who can provide the support that your business deserves. As a result, whether you have a small or large project, we are able to tailor a solution for your needs and provide the ongoing support necessary to ensure success

What is Monitoring and Evaluation?

Monitoring is the systematic collection, analysis and subsequent use of information collected from projects and programmes. It is vital to enable:

  • Effective decision making

  • Learning from past actions

  • Accountability for resources being used



Evaluation assessed the information collected through monitoring in an objective manner in order to demonstrate whether activities and outcomes are relevant, effective, efficient, sustainable and whether desired impacts are being achieved.

Monitoring and evaluation are complementary, both are necessary to engage and satisfy the range of stakeholders in any monitoring and evaluation intervention. This process enables:

  • Effective governance of projects and programmes

  • Demonstration of value for money and outcomes from funded programmes

  • Continued learning resulting in continuous improvement

  • Transparency from inception through to the realisation of outcomes and benefits



Specific terms used with regard to monitoring and evaluation include:

  • Participatory monitoring and evaluation

  • Results based management

  • Monitoring and evaluation logical framework

Looking for more M&E Courses provided by PCMI?

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PMCI is launching a monitoring and evaluation by correspondence course which is provided by email with links to material and assignments that must be sent back every 2 weeks,


The course runs over ten weeks with 5 correspondent parts (the parts are issued in weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 and the assignments must be sent back by the end of weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10) and is at a Foundation level. The price is $250 per participant 


The course is certificated, starting the first group on 15th February.

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