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About The Knowledge Management Institute (KMI)

  • Global Leader in KM Certification and Training

  • Partners with a global network of KM professionals, trainers, and content providers

  • Supports the official KM Institute Certification Alumni Group - over 10,000 CKP™/CKM graduates

  • Communicates and Collaborates with a growing membership and subscriber audience exceeding 12,000 KM Professionals in dozens of countries

  • Partners with conference providers worldwide to deliver KM Events



KM Institute is dedicated to researching, defining, publishing and sharing KM knowledge in a variety of formats truly suited to learner needs. KMI Programs provide what expert KM practitioners need to know to carry out successful enterprise KM; and what all KM Professionals need to know for greater career success in the Knowledge Age.


We believe these are the unmet learning needs of global KM practitioners who aspire to be KM specialists and leaders - from the enterprise, to individuals seeking performance improvement via "Personal KM."

With a worldwide coalition of top-flight educators, trainers, and subject matter experts, a community of expert practitioners, and proven KM solution providers - KM Institute continues to build upon an already proven world-class knowledge management learning program.



The  World's Most Recognized Knowledge Management Certification

Certifying individuals, teams, and organizations for 20 years!

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