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RSM is pleased to announce a number of new areas of support we are offering to the humanitarian aid and development community which might be of use:


  1. USAID PLSO NIGERIA: RSM won the USAID PLSO Nigeria contract in June which offers USAID and other donor funded programs a number of free services – including risk advisory support, certified online and instructor led training, arrival security, safety and cultural awareness briefings, and security documents and posters. The short video provides details on the services available: Please get in touch for more information!


  1. eLearning: RSM have expanded our 400+ eLearning courses to include multiple leadership and staff level training – which come with up to 4 external certifications in 12 languages. Ask us for free access to take a look! Thematic areas of learning include:

    • HQ executive leadership teams [resilience and crisis management].

    • Program Managers.

    • Chief of Party and Country Directors.

    • Security Focal Points and Managers.

    • Fraud, Corruption and Ethical Violation Investigations Management.

    • Train the Trainers.

    • Staff safety and security.

    • Safe driver training.

    • Guard force management and guard skills training… and more!


  1. HEAT VIDEO GAMES: RSM have launched our desk-top and Virtual Reality HEAT course using Oculus Headsets for easily deployable VR training ‘HEAT IN A BOX’ – see the video link: 


  1. LOCAL INCIDENT MANAGEMENT TEAM EXERCISING: We understand that field teams are often at the point of crisis and so have developed a unique facilitated and certified exercising solution – see the video link:


  1. ISER: RSM are launching our Information Sharing and Emergency Reporting cloud-based system [ISER] which organizations can personalize and use to aid with global resilience, emergency management and information sharing – see the video link:


  1. HEAT TRAINING: RSM continues to build out our design-built HEAT and immersive leadership and team building 90-acre facility ‘Pandora’ and will be launching 4-day courses [Level 6] and 1-day Re-HEAT courses in 2020. If you have not taken a tour then we will be conducting an Open Day on the 23 October. The day includes a tour of the facility and a free lunch in a local British pub!

®   Watch our short video on Pandora:

®   Book a place on the Open Day with Brandie:


Our City and Guilds Certified 1, 2, 3 and 4 day HEAT OPEN COURSES for 2019 and 2020 are listed below [see our website for updates:]. And, we can run design-built courses based on demand.



·   September 17-18-19 (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course

·  October 8-9-10 (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course

·  November 19-20-21 (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course

·  December 3-4-5 (Tues-Thurs) – Open HEAT – Level 4 and 5 Course


·  January 14-15-16 (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course

·  February 11-12-13  (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course  

·  March 10-11-12  (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course  

·  April 7-8-9  (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course  

·  May 12-13-14  (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course  

·  May 15 (Friday) – Re-HEAT

·  June 16-17-18  (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course 

·  June 19 (Friday) – Re-HEAT 

·  June 22-23-24-25 (Mon-Thurs) – Open HEAT – Level 6 Course

·  August 11-12-13  (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course  

·  August 14 (Friday) – Re-HEAT

·  September 15-16-17  (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course  

·  October 20-21-22  (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course  

·  November 17-18-19  (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course  

·  December 15-16-17 (Tues-Thurs)-Open HEAT-Level 4 and 5 Course

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