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Center for AID Information and Knowledge (C4AIK) is a Non-profit Nigeria based Non Governmental Organization registered in Nigeria to serve as a platform under which the founder can operate as a local NGO to meet the information and knowledge needs of employees, beneficiaries and other stakeholders of the NGO sector through training, radio/social media and sports programs. 

C4AIK through its independent platforms provides AID sector tailored  trainings to prepare new hires for career path in the sector, as well as deepen the skill set of mid-level and senior-level career practitioners for optimal performance as they seek to advance their careers paths.  C4AIK founder aims to promote socio-cultural values through sports and, through its radio programs, as well as create a platform for enlightening/inspiring the general public particularly local traders and buyers in the marketplaces.

C4AIK does not yet operate as a fully funded entity. Its current funding comes from independent Teaming Agreements, training through INGOsphere9ja platform and donations from the founder.

The founder's vision is to have a platform for credible information dissemination and knowledge creation for AID sector organizations, employees, beneficiaries and other stakeholders of the sector.

Mission: to provide credible information in relevant knowledge areas to positively impact on the operations, career paths, well being of AID sector organizations, employees, beneficiaries and other stakeholders 

Objective: to encourage promotion and use of credible information that showcase impacts, support career paths, well-being of AID sector organizations, employees, beneficiaries and other stakeholders

​​Values: Inclusive, open and accountable. We strive to empower in order to achieve lasting positive impacts 

The Platforms

Making A Difference, Positively Impacting On Lives

C4AIK showcases FIDAF Tournament under RandRsports9ja platform which it owns. RandRsports9ja means Rest and Relaxation sports in Nigeria 

About FIDAF Tournament

FIDAF Tournament (Randrsports9ja), a leisure sports platform established to create work-life-balance for the ever-busy employees in the development sector through its eight (8) days tournament featuring indoors and outdoors games (six each). FIDAF stands for Federation of International Development Agencies Football  

The tournament features at least twenty two (22) AID organizations in Nigeria and  a minimum of twelve games; Football, Volleyball, Table tennis, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Ayo, Whot, Scrabble, Chess, Draft and Ludo.

Participating organizations include, British Council, DFID, USAID, African Development Bank and the United Nations.

The trophy for the maiden edition was won by the EFCC football team.


Wheel Barrow Peddlers (Popularly known as Mai Barrow in our marketplaces) from Wuse Market, Abuja having their first ever experience at a radio station. We gave them the opportunity to talk about their trade, benefits and challenges.

Marketsphere9ja, a platform that reaches out to local traders in our Marketplaces by giving them an opportunity to be heard and be reached through our radio progamThe program started as a pidgin English program and later began to be aired in English Language to meet demands. With this initiative, our goal is to promote great publicity and information opportunities for those in our marketplaces.

We believe that with access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential  

Traders' outreach is something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact.


Contact us if you are interested in positively impacting on our target beneficiaries  by being  featured on our radio program

PMD Pro training in progress

     Getting you prepared for the AID Sector

INGOsphere9ja is an institutional capacity building and  consultancy services center.  Information and knowledge is disseminated about International NGO jobs, training, coaching and mentoring as well as service providers


INGOsphere9ja facilitates training and provides one-on-one coaching and mentoring process that enables long term relationships with trainees after training sessions



At INGOsphere9ja training center, young Nigerians ranging from fresh graduates and working class youths are given requisite support that enables them excel in their search for jobs and improve in their existing job positions

Employability strategy for youths' access to productive employment and decent work
In order to substantially reduce the proportion of youths not in productive employment, we visit churches and mosques on our outreach programs to mentor and coach them in the area of their employment needs
Our outreach programs address youths ability to discover their potentials and career path, develop a job search strategy, obtain the right perception of what they have to offer an employer job wise, and how to confidently meet their employers' work expectations as well as ability to adapt easily to ever changing work environment.

C4AIK  establishes Teaming Agreements with reputable international
and local organizations to support its objectives in providing
hands-on training to AID workers in Nigeria and other valuable support
in the area of leisure sports and dissemination
of credible information to target audience on radio.

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“Thinking about making the world a better place is good. 

Taking a step to make the world a better place for one person is better.

Creating an opportunity for one person to make the world a better place for others is best!"


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, winner of FIDAF 2019 football games
, winner of FIDAF 2019 football games

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, winner of FIDAF 2019 football games
, winner of FIDAF 2019 football games

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